“2. Use VSEPR theory to predict the bond angles in each of the following: (include bond angle and molecular geometry) (a) OF2 (b) SO2 (c) CIF (d) BrF3 (e) BrFs (f) SbFs (g) ICl, (h) OPCI3 (i) OSF4 (j) OIF5 (k) XeF2 (1) BF3 (m)NO, (n) NO7 (0) NO (p) PCI† (q) PF, (r) PC13 (s) PCI5” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/bd4b1e20-3006-49de-af22-6e42322eca98/aa0c9821-32f9-4b63-a40c-e3e9ec2836a5/u5rqtf_thumbnail.png


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