30. Health goals for the United States may be found in finds it 31. A person who lacks difficult to obtain, understand, and use valid health information. Understanding Key Concepts After reading the question or statement, select the correct answer. 32. Health education provides a. medical health coverage. b. accurate health information. c. a wellness guarantee. d. none of the above. 33. Experts think that poor health literacy influences a person’s health more than a. critical thinking and problem solving. b. attitude, environment, and income. c. education, income, and attitude. d. age, income, and education

view LESSON Your Total Health Key Concepts > Health is the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being. > It is important to balance the three components of health. > Making a lifetime commitment to practice healthful behaviors can improve your long-term well-being. Vocabulary > health (p. 6) > spiritual health (p. 8) > wellness (p. 9) > chronic disease (p. 10) LESSON 2 What Affects Your Health? Кey Concepts > Your heredity plays a role in your health and wellness. > You cannot always control your physical environment, but you can look for ways to overcome its negative influences. > A positive attitude and healthful behaviors promote wellness. Vocabulary > heredity (p. 11) > environment (p. 12) > peers (p. 13) > culture (p. 13) > media (p. 14) > technology (p. 14) LESSON 3 Health Risks and Your Behavior Vocabulary > risk behaviors (p. 16) > cumulative risks (p. 18) Key Concepts > Risk behaviors can harm your health and the health of others. > Risk behaviors that contribute to illness and disability include tobacco use, unhealthy dietary behaviors, inadequate physical activity, and alcohol and other drug use. Abstaining from high-risk behaviors will protect your health. > prevention (p. 18) > abstinence (p. 19) > lifestyle factors (p. 20) LESSON 4 romoting Health and Wellness y Concepts ealth education is the key to creating a healthier nation. ne national health goals of Healthy People provide guidelines r promoting health and preventing disease. nealth-literate person has the necessary skills to function in lay's health promotion and disease prevention environment. Vocabulary > health education (p. > Healthy People (p. 2 > health disparities (p > health literacy (p. 2


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