A circuit is constructed with an AC generator, a resistor, capacitor and inductor as shown. The generator voltage varies in time as ε = Va – Vb = εmsinωt, where εm = 24 V and ω = 160 radians/second. At this frequency,the circuit is in resonance with the maximum value of the current Imax = 0.74 A. L the induction = 312.5 mHThe capacitance C = 125μF. The value for the resistance R is unknown. What is Umax,C, the value of the maximum energy stored in the capacitor during one cycle? What is ΔU, the total energy dissipated in the circuit in one cycle? What is Q, the quality factor of this ciruit? What is R, the value of the resistance of the circuit?

E, sin(@t) a C: L d R ell


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