“A gear reduction unit uses the countershaft shown in the figure. Gear A receives power from another gear with the transmitted force FA applied at the 20° pressure angle as shown. The power is transmitted through the shaft and delivered through gear B through a transmitted force FB at the pressure angle a = 34°. Determine the bending moment at the critical location assuming the bearings act as simple supports. Put your answer in the lbf.in unit to 4 significant figures. Only enter the numerical value and positive/negative sign. 1.25-india. 16 in Gear A- 20-in dia. FA-300 lbf 20 Gear B 8-in dia.” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/ddbc108f-40b7-45ba-95b8-e08d8c37565c/68759502-4def-46b9-9d3b-ae6bd89ed3b9/zp8our6_thumbnail.png



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