“A uniform film of TiO2, 1036 nm thick and having index of refraction 2.62, is spread uniformly over the surface of crown glass of refractive index 1.52. Light of wavelength 530.0 nm falls at normal incidence onto the film from air. You want to Part A What is the minimum thickness of TiO, that you must add so the reflected light cancels as desired? Express your answer in nanometers. increase the thickness of this film so that the reflected light cancels. For related problem-solving tips and strategies, you may want to view a Video Tutor Solution of Thin- film interference iii. ? AT = nm Submit Previous Answers Request Answer X Incorrect; Try Again; 4 attempts remaining Part B After you make the adjustment in part A, what is the path difference between the light reflected off the top of the filr the light that cancels it after traveling through the film? Express your answer in nanometers. ? ΔΡΕ nm” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/5c8d8639-4d29-4712-9069-b7b0d8ad1876/db388b71-4b7f-481a-86ea-ecb2af6f0c9f/pnquyma_thumbnail.png


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