“Consider the reaction 2X,Y2 + Z2 = 2X2Y2Z which has a rate law of rate = k[X2Y2][Z2] Select a possible mechanism for the reaction. View Available Hint(s) (slow) Step 2: X2Y2 +Z→X2Y2Z (fast) X2Y2 + Z→X2Y2Z (fast) Step 1: Z2→Z+Z A Step 3: Step 1: X2Y2 + Z2→X2Y2Z+Z (slow) Step 2: X2Y2 + Z→X2Y2Z (fast) Step 1: X2Y2 + Z2→X2Y2Z2 (slow) Step 2: X2Y2Z2→X2Y2Z+Z_(fast) Step 1: 2X2Y2= X4Y4 (fast) Step 2: X4Y4 + Z2→2X2Y½Z_ (slow) E Step 1: 2X2Y2+ Z2→2X2Y2 (slow)” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/3f7858f2-4558-4a97-afcd-256e507c1a66/d2b426e9-b5fd-4276-90c3-7a16f7fd1bb7/9itg3s_thumbnail.png


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