“Problem 2: A student attaches a f = 3.5 kHz oscillator to one end of a metal rail of length L = 14 m. The student turns on the oscillator and uses a piezoelectric gauge at the other end to measure that the resulting sound wave takes t = 0.0061 s to travel the length of the rail. Part (a) Input an expression for the period of the waves in the rail, in terms of the given quantities. Expression: T = Select from the variables below to write your expression. Note that all variables may not be required. B, y, T, 0, b, d, f, g, h, j, k, m, n, P, S Part (b) What is the period, in seconds? Numeric : A numeric value is expected and not an expression. T =” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/fa043fe4-4451-42e8-82d1-21cc59f9ce63/00395db8-c899-4cc2-9e08-1eb6d6d58b9e/rqhsdwf_thumbnail.jpeg


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