“Valley Company’s adjusted trial balance on August 31, 2017, its fiscal year-end, follows. Debit Credit Merchandise inventory Other (noninventory) assets Total liabilities $ 42,000 168,000 $ 48,510 137,550 K. Valley, Capital K. Valley, Withdrawals 8,000 Sales 287,280 Sales discounts 4,395 18,960 Sales returns and allowances Cost of goods sold Sales salaries expense 110,754 Rent expense-Selling space Store supplies expense Advertising expense Office salaries expense 39,357 13,502 3,447 24,419 35,910 3,447 1,149 Rent expense-Office space Office supplies expense Totals $473,340 $473,340” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/863779a1-7705-4b9e-9ef9-cd4ef1904411/8b1621be-7553-4131-b29b-4b4ecdac389d/1fr8jjb_thumbnail.png


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