“Write the given second order equation as its equivalent system of first order equations. u”” – 8u – 4.5u = -3 sin(34), u(1) = 6.5, l (1) = 8 Use v to represent the “”velocity function””, i.e. v = u (1). Use v and u for the two functions, rather than u(t) and v(1). (The latter confuses webwork. Functions like sin(t) are ok.) Now write the system using matrices: d dt V and the initial value for the vector valued function is: u(1) v(1) II” https://content.bartleby.com/qna-images/question/6bb76900-1c66-4e16-b898-1e2f879753eb/ae3d9f2d-c42e-4ea4-90ed-9aa0b5573771/yaz5g2m_thumbnail.jpeg


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